Cocodrie Light Charters

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Captain Stu Scheer

Inducted into the Louisiana Outdoor Hall of Fame in March of 2003, Captain Stu started the first full-time inland charter fishing operation in Louisiana in 1971. He has been featured in more than 150 local, regional, and national articles in various publications. He has also been a featured speaker at hundreds of sportsman's shows, seminars, and clubs promoting Louisiana fishing. In addition, he was appointed to former governor Dave Treen's Saltwater Fin fish Task Force and was instrumental in writing some of the current saltwater fishing laws.

As a charter boat captain for 48 years, he has personally run more than 10,000 charter trips, showing no signs of slowing down. He still averages 180 charters per year and currently handles bay trips for reds and trout during spring and summer months. Fall and winter finds him in the marshes and inland lakes, pursuing trout, reds, and drum. He is available approximately 250 days per year and has successfully fished for just about everything that swims. His success and knowledge of the fishery is unmatched. In the past 48 years, he has unofficially been responsible for many fish records. The latest being the second largest red fish caught on a rod and reel in the Gulf in September 2002, weighing in at 54 pounds 4 ounces.

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Captain James Ray Cuda Scheer

Captain James Ray Cuda Scheer is fast building a reputation as possibly the finest, most successful captain on the Gulf Coast. Having lived in Cocodrie his entire life, he started fishing at 3 years of age. By the time he was 7 he was fishing on his own from daylight to dark. Cuda became the youngest full time captain on the Gulf Coast at 18; from then on, the rest is history. Cuda does it all, including bay trips, marsh trips, and night trips. Cuda's real love is offshore, whether its tuna or snapper, Cuda knows where and how. If there is a better or more successful offshore captain, he is not on this planet.

Cuda now 42 has 30 years of guiding and 24 years as a full time licensed captain.

Captain Mike Ledet

At 53, Mike is in his prime with no signs of slowing down. A charter captain out of the Sportsman's Paradise for more than 30 years, Mike specializes in bay and marsh fishing.

Mike is available 12 months a year. His catch records are all the proof you need for a successful trip. Pictures don't lie. It is a rare occasion when Mike doesn't limit out.

Captain Donald "Duck" Locasio

"Duck" was a full-time deckhand from the time he was 14 having worked on Capt. Stu's personal boat. For almost 10 years, he gained experience and knowledge in the process. He loves the outdoors and has fished since he was old enough to hold a rod. His technical knowledge of the fishey is unmatched. He is a wildlife graduate from LSU and became a full-fledged captain 22 years ago and hasn't looked back. His success rate ranks at the top. With his experience and knowledge, there is not a fish related question he can't answer. Whether it's bay fishing for bull reds or rig fishing trout, Duck will show you a great time.

Captain Corey Pitre

Capt. Cory has been fishing and running boats since he was old enough to walk. Cory's dad, the late Capt. Alton Pitre, was one of the first charter boat captains on the Louisiana coast. Pitre Sr. ran the charter boat, Al-jo, out of Cocodrie, back in the 50's and Cory would go with him every chance he could.

Capt. Cory worked with his dad in the summer months for years.

Capt. Cory has been charter fishing for over 25 years. He is an excellent captain, great fisherman and knows all the inland waters of Terrebonne Parish. Cory fishes like there is no tomorrow and will do what ever it takes to put you on fish.

You will really enjoy a trip with Capt. Cory Pitre.

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